Interest in design and development of interactive software applications has increased considerably over the last few years. The underlying reason for this interest is the need to provide the greatest number of people with access to applications for the largest number of purposes and in the widest number of contexts. Our research activity is in methods and tools to support user interface designers, software developers, and end users in obtaining systems that can be accessed from different contexts of use (devices, users, physical and social environments) in such a way to improve usability, accessibility, and user experience.

The main goal is to propose new solutions in basic and applied research in the field of human-computer interaction, specifically in user interface software and technologies, mainly under the aegis of national and international programmes and private sector R&D contracts. One of the first groups in Italy in the HCI area, we have become well-known at an International level, as demonstrated by partecipation in numerous European projects and the board of the most important HCI conferences, and publications in the major HCI and software engineering journals and conferences.

The main research areas concern Methods and Tools for the Analysis, Design and Development of Interactive Applications, Intelligent Interfaces, Interfaces for Ubiquitous Applications, MultiModal Interfaces, Accessibility, Usability Engineering and Models for HCI. Such work has led to the development of a numbers of tools and applications, many of which are publicly available for download.

    14th July 2017

    Serena Caria ha brillantemente conseguito la Laurea Magistrale in Informatica Umanistica con la votazione di 110 con una tesi svolta nel laboratorio su Supporto di ragazzi con disturbo dello spettro autistico a medio/alto funzionamento nell’apprendimento del concetto di denaro

  • 28th June 2017

    Carmen Santoro presents our paper on Detecting Anomalous Elderly Behaviour in Ambient Assisted Living at EICS 2017 in Lisbon

  • 19th June 2017

    PersonAAL project mid-term review meeting in Brussels on June 20.