Version: 2.6.20

Date of release: 26th October 2016


Removed bug in HTML generation from task model

Version: 2.6.19

Date of release: 27th July 2016


Fixed a bug in undo/redo operations

Version: 2.6.18

Date of release: 6th June 2016


Fixed bug concerning task names with unusual characters

Version: 2.6.17

Date of release: 10th November 2015


- Removed some bugs;
- Fixed behaviour of Undo/Redo;
- Added error indication when different task have the same identifier

Version: 2.6.16

Date of release: 30th October 2015


- During the simulation, Task Model icons are updated when a value of an object changes: the pre/post condition symbol turns green or red, depending on whether the pre/post conditions are verified or not;
- Fixed bug in the generation of CUI and FUI;
- Changed the generation of multimodal (desktop/mobile) FUI (before it was generated X + V now generate multimodal HTML);

Version: 2.6.15

Date of release: 19th May 2015


Fixed a bug on loading temporal operators in Cooperative Task Model.

Version: 2.6.14

Date of release: 26th February 2015


Introduced possibility of uploading models in cloud-based repository with public and private areas

Version: 2.6.13

Date of release: 22nd January 2015


Fixed a bug on loading a Cooperative Task Model without sub-tasks.

Version: 2.6.12

Date of release: 9th December 2014


- Changed pre/post condition icon color (green)

- Now when saving a file it immediately accesses the last opened directory

- Added the possibility of right sibling insertion

Version: 2.6.11

Date of release: 11th September 2014


Improved visualization when subtrees are folded

Version: 2.6.10

Date of release: 31st July 2014


Small changes in the precondition editing

Version: 2.6.9

Date of release: 3rd July 2014


- Added visual cues to task icons to indicate when a task has an object or pre or post-conditions;

- Fixed a bug related to objects without type in the simulator;

Version: 2.6.8

Date of release: 21st May 2014


- Added cues to task icons to indicate when a task has pre/post conditions;

- Added to the right-button menu the same operations (copy/cut selection and sub-tree) as Edit menu;

- Added task model justification after cut/paste operations

Version: 2.6.7

Date of release: 11th April 2014


- Fixed some bugs in Informal to Formal description: in the parts related to create roles, tasks, objects from a text, save the intermediate description and export Cooperative Task Tree;

- Fixed  bug in Task Model Simulator when saving and loading a performed scenario;

- 'Object Input Actions' and 'Object Ouput Actions' are no longer supported and they have been removed from the environment.

Version: 2.6.6

Date of release: 21st February 2014


- Added the Parallel (||) operator as described in the W3C document
( In the Task Model Simulator implementation this operator is currently  interpreted as an Interleaving operator;
- Modified/added task type according to our W3C recommendation:
- Now it is possible to add new task type (called ext_type in the W3C
document) directly from Task Properties panel;
- Added context attribute to Task element. This attribute models the context
of use that supports the task concerned
( In case only the
platform is relevant it is still possible to specify only this part.

Version: 2.6.5

Date of release: 30th January 2014


  • Now it is only possible to save in XML format; it is still possible toopen the files saved in the previous formats (cctt, ctte, ctt);
  • Fixed a bug in saving and loading the model in XML (Platforms related to atask object were not saved and opened)
  • Set the ctte examples folder as default folder for open functionality.

Version: 2.6.4

Date of release: 29th November 2012


Removed the output folder prompt for the Final UI generation

Version: 2.6.3

Date of release: 16th October 2012


  1. Removed bug in mac or linux access to file names including white spaces
  2. Removed bug in Save as functionality
  3. Removed bug in use of arrow keys in Linux access

Version: 2.6.2

Date of release: 11th October 2012


  1. Collapsed the "Save CTT as XML" and the "Open CTT as XML" respectively into the "Save as" and "Open" functionalities.
  2. Fixed a bug in saving the model in XML
  3. Fixed a bug in selecting a task with a zoomed view

Version: 2.6.1

Date of release: 24th September 2012


  1. Fixed a bug on the XML serialization of cooperative models. In certain cases, the tool losed the optional attribute and the definition of tasks with the same name but different refinements.
  2. Fixed a bug on the save procedure for cooperative models. Now it is possible to have roles with a name different from the root of the corresponding task model.
  3. Improved cooperative model visualization

Version: 2.6.0

Date of release: 30th July 2012


  1.     Added the possibility to define task postconditions
  2.     Added the possibility to modify interactively the task object values during the simulation. Preconditions and postconditions on tasks are evaluated against the current status of the objects.
  3.     Added the possibility to visualize the task pre and post conditions during the simulation
  4.     Added the cmsConditionSample example as a test case for pre and post conditions
  5.     Added an help section for describing how to exploit the task objects during simulation

Version: 2.5.5

Date of release: 18th July 2012


Fixed ctte file loading bug in Java 7

Version: 2.5.4

Date of release: 19th December 2011


Added the following generation features:

  1. Task model from a WSDL service definition
  2. MARIA Abstract User Interface starting from current task model. The generated model can be modified with the MARIAE tool.
  3. MARIA Concrete User Interface (desktop, mobile large, mobile small, multimodal desktop, multimodal mobile and vocal) starting from current task model. The generated model can be modified with the MARIAE tool.
  4. Code generation starting from current task model to the following languages: HTML, Voice XML and X+V

Added the possibility to edit task names directly on the tree representation.
Removed the automatic task category check during model editing. The coherence check is now performed when the model-checking is performed.

Version: 2.5.3

Date of release: 21st October 2011


    Added type checking to the precondition rules
    Added the default selection of a rule group when the precondition is not defined
    Added the possibility to set the temporal operator for more than one task at the same time
    Fixed the overview visualization when opening a CTT model in XML format
    Fixed the new level creation bug for a group of adjacent tasks at the same
    Fixed the simulator initialization bug with the undo of one action
    Fixed the XML serialization of task objects
    Fixed the precondition checking at the beginning of the task simulation
    Fixed bug in decreasing the distance between task levels
    Fixed bug in positioning tasks with the same father at the same line (line up)
    Improved the precondition checking for boolean values
    Improved open and save file support (now the last selected directory is maintained)

Version: 2.5.2

Date of release: 27th June 2011


Fixed bugs in simulating task models with preconditions
Fixed bugs in precondition editing

Version: 2.5.1

Date of release: 12th May 2011


Added user's guide in the tool

Solved a bug on opening/saving files

Version: 2.5

Date of release: 16th March 2011


Changed the XML serialization/deserialization format from the DTD to the XML schema
Added a precondition editor for the task properties. It is now possible to specify boolean preconditions on the task execution with a coherent syntax.
Added the possibility to serialize cooperative models in XML.
The task simulator is able to simulate also the precondition verification.

Version: 2.4.5

Date of release: 1st December 2010


Removed a bug related to the parsing of xml documents.

Version: 2.4.4

Date of release: 16th September 2010


Added Decimal, Integer, Boolean, Date, Time, as Object attribute Class values.
No limit to the number of children nodes.

Version: 2.4.3

Date of release: 7th December 2009


Removed a bug related to the xml generation for the cooperative trees.

Version: 2.4.2

Date of release: 1st December 2009


Removed a bug related to the task simulator feature and a bug related to the subtrees insertion mode.

Version: 2.4.1

Date of release: 26th November 2009


Removed a bug related to the update of cooperative tasks properties.

Version: 2.3.7

Date of release: 10th November 2009


Removed a bug related to the special characters usage.

Version: 2.3.6

Date of release: 23rd October 2009


Removed bug related to the XML Generation of Cooperative Tasks.

Version: 2.3.5

Date of release: 21st October 2009


Bug removed related to the simulation of models with Syncronization Operator.

Version: 2.3.4

Date of release: 16th October 2009


Bug removed that did not allowed to correctly import XML task models.