Version: 1.5.11

Date of release: 7th July 2015


- Synchronized the Mobile Large CUI with the Desktop CUI (now the Mobile Large CUI has the same UI elements of the Desktop one plus the Touch events);
- Updated the Mobile Generator;

Version: 1.5.10

Date of release: 22nd December 2014


When saving PTSs resulting from the selection of "Generating AUI throughPTSs" in the Tools/CTT menu, in the connection element it is indicated what the triggering tasks are

Version: 1.5.9

Date of release: 21st November 2014


Updated multimodal transformation for Desktop and Mobile Multimodal CUI;

Updated multimodal examples in Multimodal scenario project;

Updated the section "How to run the multimodal scenarios" within the Help | User's Guide.

Version: 1.5.8

Date of release: 6th November 2014


Updated JIDE Library to 3.6.3 version

Version: 1.5.7

Date of release: 15th April 2014


-  Fixed CTT precondition bug for PTS generation;
-  Fixed CTT precondition bug for AUI/CUI/FUI generation
-  Added support for boolean, number and string precondition type.

Version: 1.5.6

Date of release: 6th November 2013


- Added support for CTT precondition in PTS generation: now system tasks composed by choice operator and with different precondition go in different PTS;
- Added support for CTT precondition in AUI generation;
- Added support for Conditional Connections in final user interface generation;
- Changed the CTT example in educational scenario project;
- Added "step" attribute in  spin_box_type and track_bar_type elements for dekstop/mobile/multimodal CUI;
- Deleted "value" attribute in  spin_box_type and track_bar_type elements, now the value of this elements in specified in the parent abstract element;
- Added the multiple_numerical_edit_in_range_type element to manage the input type date html5 element and similars (month, time, week), which are identified by their limits (month max=12, day max=31, time max=59, week max = 52);
- Added in text_field (for desktop, mobile and multimodal CUI) a role attribute with the following enum values: none, url, mail, search, color, to support the correspondent html5 input type elements;
- In the desktop, mobile and multimodal generators added support for html5 input type number, range, date, month, week, time, url, mail, search and color;
- When editing single/multiple choice interactors when the caridinality attribute is specified then the corresponding number of choice elements are created with default values;
- Removed SMIL generation for desktop CUI;
- Removed Mobile CUI generation from desktop CUI.

Version: 1.5.5

Date of release: 10th October 2013


    -  Changed Multimodal Desktop transformation and support:
       Now the chrome extension is no more needed, the multimodal desktop generated pages exploit the Web Speech API that are now supported by Gogle Chrome v.25 or later (see MARIAE help for more informations);
   -  Added in the multimodal scenario project a new Multimodal Mobile CUI example;
   -  Fixed some bugs and improved the Multimodal Desktop and Mobile Generator. 

Version: 1.5.4

Date of release: 27th August 2013


added libraries to support correct implementation of dynamic applications

Version: 1.5.3

Date of release: 9th July 2013


  1. In the Multimodal Schema added the following elements:
        - Tab Element;
       -  Progress Bar;
       -  Structured Object (corresponding to the HTML5 canvas element)
  2. Added the new HTML Multimodal generator (see for more information)
  3. Fixed some bugs in HTML/JSP generator

Version: 1.5.2

Date of release: 16th April 2013


Added the possibility to save Presentation Task Sets (PTSs);

Added the possibility to load Presentation Task Sets and generate AUI;

Added support for the transformation from MARIA AUI to ASFE-DL AUI;

Fixed a ExceptionInInitializerError bug with Mac OS X and Java 7;

Version: 1.5.1

Date of release: 27th November 2012


Improved search in xml part;

Added the possibility to search in the design part (search by tag name or by id and value attributes);

Fixed some bug in element selection from design to xml part and vice versa;

Fixed some bugs in attribute quick edit panel;

Added the content element inside tab element for Desktop CUI.

Version: 1.5.0

Date of release: 18th October 2012


  1. Added the possibility to visualize task postconditions
  2. Added the possibility to modify interactively the task object values during the simulation. Preconditions and postconditions on tasks are evaluated against the current status of the objects.
  3. Added the possibility to visualize the task pre and post conditions during the simulation
  4. Fixed a bug on the spinbox generation in preview mode
  5. Improved the interactor palette.


Version: 1.4.0

Date of release: 16th May 2012


Added REST Web Services support. Now it is possible to load WADL definitions in the Service Browser panel.

Added the Web Services support for Vocal Applications. Now it is possible to generate VoiceXML applications that exploit a Java Servlet Backend for accessing Web Services (both SOAP or REST based).

Added REST Web Services support for generated final applications (both graphical and vocal), based on XML messages.

Fixed bugs for the support of some XSD base types on generated applications.

Added the possibility to import ASFE-DL files in the tool.

Added the possiblity to execute custom XSLTs on the currently open model.

Added the possibility to load Web Services definitions without opening a CTT file.

Added two new scenarios: Car Rent and Educational.

Weather Scenario updated.

Fixed the problem in loading the services definition when changing the main project.

Version: 1.3.3

Date of release: 28th October 2011


Added the possibility to generate Desktop, Mobile, Multimodal and Vocal CUIs directly from a CTT task model. You can access these functionalities from the menu Tool->CTT->CUI
Added the visualization of task properties on the right panel
Added an element preview feature. If you right click a CUI  element (e.g. interactor or composition of interactors) for desktop or mobile platforms and then select "Element preview", only the selected element will be displayed in the preview
Modified the visualization of single choice and multiple choice interactors for  the Desktop and Mobile CUIs
Modified the visualization feedback when dragging existing elements in different positions or creating new ones through drag and drop
The document preview shows the currently selected presentation
Fixed presentation properties editing bugs
Fixed the copy and paste of elements between presentations
Fixed attributes editing for the progress bar

Version: 1.3.2

Date of release: 18th October 2011


Added the preview button also for Mobile Large CUIs.

Improved the automatic generation of the AUI from the CTT task model.

Improved the automatic generation of the Desktop CUI from the AUI model.

Improved the automatic generation of the Mobile Large CUI from the AUI model.

Fixed editing bug for float UI attributes.

Fixed changing interactors order bug by drag and drop.

Fixed grouping properties editor.

Fixed progress bar background and bar color editing.

Version: 1.3.1

Date of release: 24th August 2011


Fixed the CTT file opening bug with Java 7

Version: 1.3.0

Date of release: 27th June 2011


Added the possibility to simulate tasks models with preconditions.
Fixed bugs in simulating the order independence temporal relation.
Added the tab grouping technique for the desktop CUI.

Version: 1.2.9

Date of release: 3rd May 2011


Added possibility of Editing structured object (which can be implemented with canvas html5),

Added z-Index in  desktop CUI.

Removed bug in generation of multimodal interfaces

Removed bugs in editing CUI

Removed bug for Linux platforms

In UI Elements panel a section Composition Operators has been introduced

Added example of Vocal CUI.

Version: 1.2.8

Date of release: 18th April 2011


Added a User's Guide for explaining the main features of the tool and how to run the example scenarios. It is possible to visualize it from the menu Help->User's Guide

Added a dialog box for selecting the source path of an image directly with a file browser.

Fixed some bugs in the presentation connection editor, attribute editing, cut and paste functionality, HTML generator.

Version: 1.2.7

Date of release: 13th January 2011


Added the generation support for web services enabled application from the Desktop CUI specification. Two scenarios (home and weather) are included into the "examples" folder. More info on the README.txt included into the same folder for running the scenarios.

Version: 1.2.6

Date of release: 2nd December 2010


Upgraded the transformation from the Multimodal Desktop CUI to X+V. Fixed many grouping layout problems and added labels, help and warning management.

Added the folder "examples" to the binary distribution, where it is possible to find examples of Desktop and Multimodal Desktop CUI definitions.

Fixed layout problems in the New File dialog.

Added a tooltip on the Project Panel for showing the location of project files on the filesystem.

Changed the XSLT processor from XALAN to SAXON. The tool is now able to support XSLT 2.0 transformations.

Version: 1.2.5

Date of release: 24th November 2010


Added the Quick Edit functionality that allows the edit of the most frequently used attributes of an interactor simply double clicking the node.

Fixed a bug on the Joining when enabling heuristics that produced broken presentation connections.

Version: 1.2.4

Date of release: 19th November 2010


Added a button for folding/unfolding of the entire User Interface Model tree.

Fixed the xml tag search for the presentations.

Fixed some issues on transforming the AUI to CUI Desktop.

Version: 1.2.3

Date of release: 17th November 2010


Fixed some compatibility problems in opening XML files created with CTTE.

Fixed problems in editing the connections between presentations (all UI models).

Fixed problems in generating the HTML from the Desktop CUI.

Fixed the execution of the Synchronization operator in the CTT simulator.

Version: 1.2.2

Date of release: 4th November 2010


Added the possibility to automatically exploit predefined graphical attributes in desktop user interface generation.

Version: 1.2.1

Date of release: 22nd October 2010


Added support for the transformation from AUI to CUI Multimodal Desktop and CUI Multimodal Mobile.

Version: 1.2

Date of release: 11th October 2010


Added support for the multimodal generation and some examples.

Added search form in XML view.

In XML view, source highlighted from Design view.

Version: 1.1

Date of release: 30th September 2010


Version: 1.0

Date of release: 16th September 2010