Multiguideline Accessibility and Usability Validation Enviroment


•       Validation separated from guidelines’ definition.

•       Guidelines formalized through an XML language, capable of expressing all the past, present and (virtually) future accessibility guidelines.

•       Browser’s plugin for the validation of dynamically  created/modified Web pages. 
Download MAUVE's plugin for Firefox Browser
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•       Possibility of analyzing the versions of a web-site specific for certain types of device (e.g. mobile versions, desktop version, etc.).

•       Potentially expandable as a system for continuous monitoring of accessibility of web sites’ sets.



M.A.U.V.E. (Multiguideline Accessibility and Usability Validation Environment) is a system to evaluate accessibility of Web sites by checking their HTML and CSS code through guidelines, which are to be specified through an XML-compliant specification language called L.W.G.D (Language for Web Guideline Definition) that maintains the guidelines separated from the underlying logic.

At the moment M.A.U.V.E. is able to validate the accessbility of web pages in relation to the following guidelines:

Additional information about M.A.U.V.E. can be found in the following paper: MAUVE, a software environment for Web site accessibility and usability evaluation , : "An extensible environment for guidelinebased accessibility evaluation of dynamic Web-applications" Universal Access in the Information Society v. 14 , no. 1 (): 111-132 Print.

A more general discussion about the relevance of automatic validation tools in websites' accessibility assessment can be found in the following paper: The role of tool support in public policies and accessibility , : "The role of tool support in public policies and accessibility" ACM Interactions v. 22 , no. 3 (): 60-63 Print.